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Emergency Dental Service

dentist examining oral cavity of young african american man working in in dental clinic with assistant.

Lets face it, no one likes to be in pain!  Broken teeth, pain, swelling, and infection can happen at the most inconvenient time, and are never planned. 

When most people think of dental emergencies, the first thing that comes to mind might be a broken tooth or a tooth that is knocked out – usually some kind of acute trauma associated with a sport or activity. And being in a town that loves Hockey, we definitely do see A LOT of cases like that. However, the scope of what we consider to be an emergency goes much further than that.

We like to say, if you are experiencing pain, it is a sign of something that requires immediate attention and will treat it as such. 

At My Dental Home, we do our utmost to see you that same day in order to address your dental emergency. You will be advised of your options for a customized treatment to fit your budgets and needs.

We open our door for everyone and you do not need to be a patient of record for us to see you either!  Simply give us a call, provide us with the details of your dental concerns and our courteous, friendly team will assist you.

When a tooth is knocked out what do I do?

The short answer is call us immediately.  If you can find the tooth, pick it up by the crown portion, not the roots.  Place the tooth back into place if possible. If not, place it in milk and keep it moist.  We prefer to see you within 30 minutes. Do not re-insert a child’s tooth. Waste no time.  Call 905-4155-7700 immediately to schedule an appointment.

Emergency Care