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New Patients

The New Patient Experience

At My Dental Home we understand how difficult it is to be a “new patient”. We are committed to making your new patient experience positive. We are sensitive in understanding that everyone has different needs and so we do our utmost to be accommodating as we welcome you into our home.
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At my Dental Home we are happy to welcome new patients! With just a simple phone call,  we will connect you with a friendly administrator who will find you an appointment that best fits your schedule!

On your first visit, you will notice our quaint, victorian era office, furnished with antique furniture and a cozy fireplace for the cool winter months. We are very proud of our home here and will show off the office, so at your first visit, you can expect an introductory tour of the space!

The new patient experience involves a thorough review of your medical and dental history. A printable version is available for you to complete in the privacy of your own home. (View Our Forms Here) This allows you the opportunity to communicate your goals and wishes. Then, you will be seen by our dental clinical team for a complete comprehensive examination. This is like a full physical for your mouth, examining the jaw joint, neck, face, the inside of your mouth, your teeth and gums. Detailed measurements to detect gum disease, charting of your existing dental conditions and an oral cancer screen will occur. Any necessary dental x-rays and intra oral photographs will be taken. You can even have a “tour” of your mouth with our intra oral camera.

Most people comment that the examination itself was the most thorough they had ever received.  The results of the examination determine the options available to you.  Treatment plan options will be presented to you. Sometimes we require time to assemble the information and will present these options at a consultation appointment.

Any previous x-rays taken from prior dental experiences are very helpful. Your records can be sent to our office. A form needs to be completed and signed by you and then we can forward it to your previous office. These dental x-ray films allow the our team to assess the rate of change, which is an important factor in determining appropriate treatment choices.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions, and explore various treatment alternatives. This second visit involves a thorough, professional cleaning and the hygienists are available to assist you in the best choices for maintaining optimal oral health with a daily home care program!

If you are new to the area, or just simply looking for a new dental experience, we thank you for considering My Dental Home! If you have any questions or would like to come visit us, give us a call at 905-415-7700 to schedule an appointment today.


At My Dental Home we welcome children. Their first visit includes an array of experiences involving “touch, listen, see, feel and do” techniques utilized by the dental team. Children enjoy “rides” in the dental chair,  feel those unfamiliar objects and help us count their teeth. We endeavour to make this a positive and fun experience. At the first visit, your child will receive a tour of the office, a complete, comprehensive dental exam, cleaning, fluoride and any necessary x-rays. Children are shown oral hygiene techniques appropriate for them. It is necessary for the parent or guardian to complete the medical and dental history forms. (View Our Forms Here)

What is the best age to bring my Child for their first dental visit?

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The Ontario Dental Association has advised that by the age of 12 months, it is advisable to bring your child for a dental appointment.  We have an infant care program in place to help educate parents and start the child on the road to prevention of dental disease. If you have missed that window, it is never too late to begin dental care for your child.  We would welcome their smile at any age.

We look forward to establishing a warm and rewarding relationship with you.  We invite you to tell your friends, family and co-workers about our facility. We look forward to seeing your smile!

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