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Preventative Dentistry

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Prevention involves partnership!

Most dental illnesses can be prevented. At My Dental Home, we share techniques for the prevention of dental disease whether it be via improved oral hygiene, bite modifications, correctional appliances, custom-fitted mouthguards, placement of fillings, replacement of existing worn dental restorations, and a variety of other options. A thorough examination helps to access what you need and we are happy to educate you on the latest techniques available. Re-care visits are established where oral cancer screens and an assessment of your teeth and gum condition occurs.

Gum disease is very common.  However, even though it is common it is not normal.  It is imperative to strive for good dental health. We know that dental health is linked to overall health and well-being. 

Gum disease is often painless.  Many people are often unaware that they have gum disease. 

At your examination, we will determine options for the treatment of gum disease. Sometimes a series of gum therapy appointments with the dental hygienist is indicated.  The collaborative effort and monitoring of gum conditions will occur with your new home care regime.  Hopefully the signs of gum disease will greatly improve so that the supporting structures for your teeth remain healthy.  Supporting structures are imperative as dentists cannot place restorations on teeth with poor support. Just like you need a house with a strong foundation, you also need teeth with strong foundations.  Thorough dental hygiene care will assist greatly in that goal. 

Preventative Dentistry Checkup At Our Clinic in Markham

Let’s talk about what happens at a checkup. 

Your general health will be reviewed, and your consent will be given for the recall examination, oral cancer screening, routine cleaning with polish, any necessary x-rays and /or fluoride.  The several dental hygienists on staff will follow your custom treatment plan, develop a friendly relationship with you and provide the individual care you deserve.  The golden rule of being able to see your hygienist of choice exists .  It is like a partnership between you and the dental hygienist to work towards optimal health. I am extremely proud of my hygiene team and we work collaboratively to keep you healthy and smiling.

Prevention involves partnership!

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