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Root Canal Therapy


At My Dental Home we endeavour to save every one of your natural teeth.  Sometimes this may mean the treatment of choice would be a root canal.  Unfortunately, historically root canals have been given a bad name.  However, in reality, the tooth is frozen and the infected portion is removed quite painlessly. This leaves behind the shell of your tooth. Many people state it feels like any other filling.  The following few days you may notice some tenderness when chewing on that tooth but otherwise, it is business as usual.  Most people state they feel immediate relief if the area had been causing pain.  The tooth then requires a crown to strengthen it and make it last which is done at a subsequent appointment. 

Often people wait until they experience pain to seek dental care.  This means that I often meet people for the very first time over a root canal!  I am happy to alleviate your discomfort and get you on track to good healing!  Then we can work together to minimize and prevent this in the future. 

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